T-Mobile Workers Blog: Top 10 Reasons that T-Mobile lost the JD Power Award

This is a great essay from a T-Mobile Customer Care worker about the real reasons, why T-Mobile lost the JD Power Award. Agree? Disagree? Join the discussion: http://forum.tuworkers.orgContact us if you want to contribute to our T-Mobile workers blog. 

In a team meeting we were told,  "frankly, YOU are the reason we lost JD Powers, YOU are just not nice to customers anymore".  I was in a state of disbelief that as a front line employee with virtually NO INPUT as to how the company is run, I was being told it was my fault!  I went home and slept on it and came up with the following 10 Reasons that T-Mobile Lost JD Powers. 

10)  Continuous reductions in call time.... Get those customers off the phone and do it FAST!  Five minutes or less!

9)  More outsourcing!  Philippines, India, South Africa, Guadalajara, we don't care just as long as they will work for less than 'good ole American employees'.

8)  Required Data can now NOT be removed with purchase of a phone first.  (I actually like this but we played our hand all wrong.)  First it can, now it can't....make up your mind!  We should have NEVER been removing the required data for phone first purchases right after an upgrade to a data device.  

7)  Shortened time until the customer is LADEXed!  Is it my imagination or is everyone getting LADEXed in HALF the time that it previously took?

6)  Speaking of LADEX..... it's NOT FREE anymore and we're NOT going to notify you of the change!  It's $20 per line!

5)  Oh speaking of changing the rules, we changed your due date while we were at it and didn't bother to tell you about that either!  Oh one other thing,  ANY change to your minute plan will cost you another 2 year contact, baby! 

4)  Longer hold time when calling in to customer service is NOT your imagination.  We are reducing employee levels by firing them and making it unbearable for them to work for TMobile.   Please hold for the next available agent...........

3)  Call "deflection" software.  (I actually read about this on the FLUSH FACTS, the toilet stall information postings in our center.  I kid you not!)  Are you a 'problem customer'?  Do you call us repeatedly?  Have you done one exchange too many?  If so we have your number and guess what?  We're NOT going to answer it!  Yep, that's right you will be routed into a que where you will hold and hold and hold!  Finally, you will tire of that, hang up and call from another phone where your call will be answered immediately and you will figure out our little customer con game.  We are told to say things like, "gee, I'm sorry you had to wait" <wink, wink> "it's been very busy today" <wink, wink> "calls get routed to the next available rep and call volumes vary throughout the day" <insert more winking here>.  Call deflected!

2)  Lack of professionalism when customers call in and hear loud background noises such as supervisors micro managing our calls blurting out, "6 minutes rap it up", "what's taking so long", "sound confidant and make that sale", and furthermore, loud music from iPods playing in the background makes it sound like we're having a party!  

And the number one reason we lost JDPOWERS:

How would you like to experience the magic of the internet at the tip of your fingertips for the low, low price on only $1 per day?  This is an amazing offer I'd be happy to extend to you, it's for Family Allowance and best of all the first month is absolutely free and then you are billed only $4.99 per month, what do you say?  I can wrap that up and you can take it home with you now?  But wait, there's more!  If you act today you'll receive absolutely free this NEW GINSU KNIFE SET ..........blah, blah, blah,  SELL, SELL, SELL!  

Customers don't like being SOLD to when they call customer service for help with a non working phone or billing problem and that is 90 percent of our calls!