You may think:

I am American! I live in one of the best developed countries in the world – the guardian of respect for all rights. What can happen to me?

Nothing more wrong.

According to numerous researches, US workers’ rights are being constantly abused.

Even famous corporates were found guilty of breaking US labor law. A lot of them still has not followed the judge’s order to restore respect for workers’ rights.

LoweringTheBarForUS.org is a joint effort between workers and community groups to make employers treat employees with due respect. Thanks to this platform, you will know what rights you have as a worker and how to enforce them.

Moreover, in the tab “WORKERS’ VOICES” we will add stories about workers’ rights abuses, sent to us by real victims, who were not afraid to say: ENOUGH!


If you do not care for your own good, who will do it for you?